About Leslie Cole

I’m a former corporate sales executive who loves helping women tap into their authentic style. A long time ago, I learned my style reflected my inner confidence and sometimes boosted it! Over the years, I’ve hired dozens of specialists and stylists.

Now, I help women feel and look their best through what I’ve learned.

Before styling, I had a serious career and a raging desire to feel more feminine in a very masculine business world. So, on a whim I enrolled in pole fitness classes in Southern California.

No one was more surprised than me when I found myself — a middle-aged Midwesterner, in a pole dancing studio! But those classes helped me connect to a deeper confidence and authenticity than I’d ever known.

They also inspired me to soften my corporate edges by making different wardrobe choices.

More color, less black and navy. Playful patterns and unusual handbags. No more dull, dark outfits or expensive designer looks to feel competent and professional. I had way more fun too!

Before long, others took notice. My sales increased and female friends and clients started asking me to style them.

Style is much more than a new scarf or a colorful handbag. It’s about tapping into your deeper self who knows there’s more to you than excel spreadsheets and calendar blocking. The part of you that desires to feel more feminine, freer sexier.

That’s where I come in!

I’ll help you look more polished, put together, sexy and feminine. Feeling authentic, empowered and sophisticated. Every day.

To explore how you can work with me, send an email!