You may have already cleared your closet on your own. Perhaps you’re left with literally nothing to wear. Just a pair of trusty jeans, a couple sweat shirts and some tired yoga pants!

Or, you have a few garments left in there you think you could wear, however you’re stumped on how to put them together.

Possibly, you want to start all over with a private shop session to rebuild your wardrobe or prepare for a special occasion, work meeting, conference or a leisure trip.

I work with clients to rebuild and repurpose wardrobes in my Leslie Cole Style Council sessions.



In person or virtual. I come to your home or your screen and we get busy building outfits from what’s in your closet.

These are 90-minute sessions to create new styles and outfits from items you already own.

Many women tell me they suspect they have plenty of clothes, they just don’t know how to put them together. So, Repurpose to the rescue. Here, we build 15-20 outfits from items you already own.

We photograph you in each new outfit and create an album on your phone so you can access it every morning as you get dressed, or as you’re in the mall shopping. If you’re planning a trip I show you how to pack a capsule travel wardrobe as well. Priced starting at $479.


Three-hour private shop sessions to outfit you in the glamour and comfort you desire. You don’t have to sacrifice style to feel comfortable. I show you how. I help you select items that:

  • best suit your body type
  • are in the most flattering colors for you
  • will easily integrate with pieces you already own
  • build your capsule wardrobe
  • look professional and appropriate within the corporate setting
  • provide style knowledge and tips you can use in the future

Private shop sessions include photos and an album of outfits for your phone for easy future access when dressing or shopping. Priced starting at $699.

  • What you really get is sparkling, sizzling style. An elevated style. Taking yourself to your desired style horizon and beyond. Maybe you’re not even sure what that is.

    That’s where I come in. I’ve outfitted so many women over the years, I’ve honed my skills and have a keen eye for making you look your absolute best self. You should also know I’m incredibly picky when putting my clients’ style together! If you don’t look fabulous or to the standard you were expecting, I make sure we get it right, so you’re happy and confident with your new image.  

    Your look isn’t my look or anyone else’s. I don’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ style model. Each woman is unique and so is the style I help her build. This is where my passion for fashion really comes into play!

    To create a look and a wardrobe for you that sings and shines. That literally makes you feel stunning and happy. And for you businesswomen and corporate citizens, upping your style game is a power move. Get noticed, increase your visibility and make more money. My style sessions are true transformations that will impact all areas of your life. 

But don’t take it from me!  In the words of recent clients:

“It was so nice meeting you and working out my style and fit problems. You really know your stuff and you have a wonderful and gentle way of getting your style ideas across.” Maria F.

“Leslie can make you feel like a million bucks by putting outfits together that make you look and feel your best.” Lesley R.

“Leslie has an incredible eye for taking pieces you already have and putting them together with things you might never consider. I have countless new outfits without stepping outside my closet.” Leslie H.

To work with me and build your own memorable wardrobe email: