One thing I learned in more than twenty years of corporate financial sales, is upping your wardrobe and style game is a power move.

When I began paying more attention to color, style, softer fabrics and textures and ditched my boring black suits, my career and income accelerated beyond my wildest dreams. And, I had way more fun.

Because I was showing up as myself. The very best version of myself. I felt comfortable and at ease and could call on a range of emotions rather than just surviving in ‘man-mode.’



Curious about how a style update can impact your career that much? Trust me. It does! If your style is dated, it impacts the impression you make on others. Possibly, others assume your skills are dated. Or, it may appear you lack attention to detail, even if you’re a stickler for the rules! When your style is dull and uninspiring, it could create the perception you’re not fully engaged in your work.

It may seem unfair that your appearance informs the perception other professionals develop about you. We live in a visual world. To leverage every advantage you can get out there, elevating your style plays a huge part in determining your success and your enjoyment of life.

Not to mention, style, wardrobing and exploring your sartorial options are part of self-development and self-reinvention. Taking charge of transitions, rather than being whipped around by change. Feeling dead certain when everyone else in the room is in the question. This. Is. What. Elevating. Your. Style. Can. Do. For. YOU!



In my early years as a salesperson within the highest levels of asset management, I lived within a masculine world. One of very few women, I dressed so I’d be taken seriously as a female in finance. Which meant wearing all black basics with very little style. Dark, dull pantsuits, turtlenecks and sedate, serviceable boots.

It worked, however, I also felt like a huge part of myself was hidden. Out of sheer craving for change that morphed into a deep desire to look more feminine, I began sampling  a wider selection of fashion and style for work as I matured as a salesperson. More color, more patterns, more personality.

I never expected the huge impact my elevated style would make on my career! For example:


  • I brought in more money than I’d ever made! Like, six figures more.
  • My company was beyond thrilled when my territory tripled in sales.
  • My style encouraged me to branch out into other areas of self-exploration and I even began a pole fitness practice!
  • Boy! My confidence, sparkle and joy for life escalated in all areas of my life.

Simply said, as a person with unique style, I captured attention. I was memorable and visible. All necessary ingredients for a very successful career. Plus, it made my professional life easier. My style gave other professionals a point of contact. It helped start conversations and I stood out during the hundreds of presentations I gave over the years, usually in a roomful of men wearing suits!


Here’s the real bonus. Along the way, my new confidence created an authenticity that encouraged me to interact with my  managers, clients and even personal friends in a more powerful way.

I felt so much more empowered and authentic that I spoke with more confidence and began taking more leadership within my organization and my personal life.

As I exhibited so many effective techniques as an empowered, confident career woman, other women began asking for my mentorship. On their style, their interactive approach with others, even with compensation negotiations.

So I developed a feminine empowerment methodology and coaching program to help other businesswomen.  And, I created a composite presentation covering several key components of my style savvy and my confidence-building techniques for women in business.



My signature presentation is, You Belong In The Room.

Sadly, even with our staggering advancements and all the leaning in, sometimes, women in business don’t interact in fully empowered ways. It can be hard for them to amplify their voices.

They feel intimated to approach a higher ranking male or corporate officer to make a point or a suggestion. Believe me, it took me years to develop some fool-proof strategies for navigating the hierarchy of business in a way that’s authentic and powerful.

My audiences learn proven strategies show up confident, feel empowered and interact in ways that help them advance and thrive in their careers, which ultimately leads to making more money! Who doesn’t want that?! Plus, I share some key style tips that help them stand out in all the right ways!

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