Building a closet you love begins with knowing what you own. To do that, you must be able to see all your garments.

If your closet is crammed with too many items, including things that no longer fit, pieces you don’t like, or one-off’s — all those pesky online orders during the pandemic, you’ll end up frustrated and overwhelmed every time you get ready to go somewhere.

You stand there, bumming out, going, my closet is stuffed, but I have nothing to wear! Or, worse, “I’ve spent a fortune and it still feels like nothing is working. 



To create closet clarity, we do an initial purge and reorganization.

Even thinking about a serious closet edit throws many into terror. Or, excitement! Both are normal.

Don’t worry! I have a foolproof method. Here’s how I work with my clients during a three-hour Clear, Cull and Create session. 

We begin with a conversation about your style vision. What’s working, what’s challenging. How you desire to elevate. We discuss any upcoming travel, events or transitions you may be expecting so we know how to plan. 

Then, we get to the heavy lifting! 

  • Clear

This is where we sharpen your clarity. We remove:

  • Items that no longer fit. Including things you could wear with a 5-10 pound fluctuation. Or, things you wore as a completely different size. If you’re not ready to donate or sell them, we pull from the closet and store elsewhere to remove clutter and negative self-talk in your space.
  • Worn out clothing, even old favorites. Anything ripped or stained, or showing worn spots on stress areas like elbows, hem, knees.
  • Pieces that do not feel great when worn. Those so-so pieces you constantly pass by, yet make you feel guilty and frustrated.
  • Items that do not serve the larger vision you desire for yourself.

After all, if something seems ‘OK,’ or you wear it ‘sometimes,’ yet it doesn’t make you feel great or can’t be styled to serve the woman you desire to be, chuck it! (Don’t worry, you will have some clothes left).

  • Cull
  • Here we divide and conquer! We’ve gotten rid of some of the heft in your closet — those items you feel have held you back or distracted your vision. Now, we take stock of the items remaining.

    We then rehang them to give you a new perspective and to mix and match things you wouldn’t have suspected would go together.


  • Create

Whew! That’s done! After a yummy break, I help you style your remaining pieces, so at the end of our time together, you have 15-20 new outfits. We photograph you wearing these ensembles so you remember how to style them on your own. We create an album on your phone and I’ll follow up with style notes for each outfit. 

As we create,  we build a shop list for you and my style notes will include where you can source these items.

The Create stage helps you avoid adding costly mistakes and endless duplicates. When we feel we have ‘nothing to wear,’ often we shop and end up buying more of what isn’t working. Which only piles onto our feeling of I have a stuffed closet and nothing to wear!

No one loves that feeling. It’s frustrating and debilitating. We don’t want that for you!

So now you know the process, here’s the deliverables, what we DO want for you:


  • Get your time back. Clarity in your closet saves you hours of guilt, shame and overwhelm.
  • Boost your confidence. Step out feeling supercharged and sexy, embodied and powerful. 
  • Save Money. Shop your closet, not the mall.
  • Easily put outfits together from things you already own.
  • Stop the need to shop. Unless, of course, you want to.
  • Get a curated list of what you need, rather than heading out for another frustrating fishing expedition.
  • Get 15-20 new outfits from old items.
  • Build a photo album on your phone so you can find your perfect look anytime you need to get ready.
  • Best of all, feeling current, put together and confident on the daily. 



Clear Cull and create builds you a beautiful closet that looks like an expensive boutique. You’ll replace your confusing hodge-podge of a space and have a sleek, organized space you can’t wait to charge into every morning.

Style begins with clarity. Clarity is part of self-development, self-exploration and upping your style game ushers in an elevated, more confident you. In every single area of your life. 

The three-hour Clear Cull and Create Session (in-person or virtual) is currently priced starting at $797. For deets or to schedule, contact my team at