How are you showing up in the world everyday? Do you feel as sparkling and confident or just a tad off the mark?

I’ll admit, I sometimes slink around in my Spanx leggings all morning. We all have ‘cheat days.’

Mostly though, when I go out, especially to an event, I’ll take extra time with my appearance, my outfit and my grooming.

I like the way it makes me feel. I enjoy how looking good attracts other people and positive situations into my life.

Wearing an interesting outfit or garment is like adding a punctuation point to the day. Like OK, look at her. How did she think to put that together? I want to talk to her. I want to meet her.

As you can imagine, attracting people to your glowing self can have all kinds of positive benefits in your personal, social and work life. 


Wearing a memorable outfit, serves as an anchor or a talking point, a way to connect.

Most of us are craving connection and community. Being memorable in your wardrobe can open doors and take you to places you may never have even thought of.

Not only that, you help others feel more comfortable. Your confidence gives them confidence and inspiration.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to get out there and really be seen. Not to shrink down or worry about outshining someone else. Remember, it’s about putting yourself out there in your full glory, so you give others permission to do the same. 

And, that’s exactly what working with a stylist is all about. I help my clients embrace their next-level style. To shine and glow. To embody who they are and to strut out into the world with a new feeling of confidence and power. 

So, here are some ways you can be memorable with your style:

  • Wear color. A bright spot of color is like a pop of personality in a sea of dark when everyone else is shrouded in black. Particularly during the winter months.
  • Pair color with other colors. This is called color blocking. People admire color blocking. It makes you appear very clever!
  • Work with your body type. Chose garments that best fit your physique, not simply those that are in style or everyone else is wearing.
  • Include a fun or unusual piece in your ensemble. An interesting top, piece of jewelry or a handbag or scarf. Again, these can be a talking point for meeting new people and up-leveling your life.

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