A lot of people equate fashion and style to stepping out looking like the cover of vogue, or some runway model every day.

And, they immediately opt out. “It’s not for me. I’m not into fashion! I’ll just be a plain Jane.”

Look, there are many levels of “fashion.”

My goal and my gift in helping any client, is to build her own version of authentic style. Not to replicate a slick, glossy magazine look. We all know that doesn’t work in real life.


I excel at helping women integrate current trends into their own wardrobes where appropriate or flattering.

For  instance, instead of a sequined skirt, maybe we add a touch of sparkle with earrings or a fun top under workday suiting pieces. Or, we find a version of that designer bag you love at half the price in a resale shop. I save you so much time and money because you avoid adding more costly mistakes to your closet.

I begin by building a capsule wardrobe that has a plan for each client. Sure, I can help you put outfits together and show you how I do it.


However, the true process starts with clearing what isn’t working, or what’s in your way and layering in substantial pieces you can count on. Then, we build outfits so you’re ready to go every day, not standing in your closet frustrated, trying to figure out what to wear.

Along the way, we add a strong element of fun and whimsy to highlight your own unique personality.

This is the joy of it. Tailoring your look to you.

To look and feel your best, you need to know the basics of curating a wardrobe and mixing the pieces together in an efficient and energetic way.

I’m saying this with love, loves, but many of you don’t now how! Or, it’s just not your thing. 

When I start with most clients, the biggest issue is having too many items in the closet. You can probably relate because many of us shop when we don’t know what to wear. Which only adds to the cycle of frustration and guilt when you feel like you have a stuffed closet and yet, still nothing to wear! 

So, very often you’ll revert to the tried and true. 

It’s the 80/20 rule. Most women wear 20% of their wardrobes 80% of the time.

When I work with you, we start by culling those infrequently-worn pieces to see how you could get more mileage from them and help you elevate your look or gently bid them goodbye if not. 

My clients are women who:

– are curious about how they can keep their style updated.

– possess a strong desire to step out every day feeling put together, powerful and full of energy and personality. They don’t want to wait until someday. 

 – are ready to wrangle the craziness out of their closets now to create a high-functioning wardrobe. Once we’ve finished with our work together, they love stepping into their closets, because we’ve built an absolutely exciting space, full of easy
possibilities and they feel so much better on the daily. 

Recently, I helped a client reorder her entire closet. 

After we finished, she stood back admiring her orderly shelves and the matching velvet hangers displaying her collection of well-loved items and new additions.

She said, “wow, this is gorgeous, it looks like a luxury store!”

Do you feel that way about your closet? if not, consider my Clear Cull and Create Program for your very own luxurious closet experience.

Clear Cull & Create currently priced starting at $450. leslie@lesliecolestyles.com