When I was in corporate, I once hired a speech coach named Patricia Fripp. Originally from the UK, Fripp started her impressive business behind a stylist’s chair as a hair dresser. (Link below).

She created a formidable brand on the back of her considerable talents and her last name. Fripp. There’s Fripp TV, Frippicisms, Frippercize, and any number of conjugations of the name. F-R-I-P-P. She pronounces it with a crisp, sharp diction. You certainly can’t forget her!

One of Fripp’s trademark lines was:

“Never fail to take advantage of shameless self promotion!”


 Fripp carefully manages her own image as a classic, elegant and modern English woman. It’s her brand. A huge part of her brand. The other day I saw Fripp on FB sporting a Queen Elizabeth hat and pearls. Natty. She’s rather natty!

Years before the advent of social media, Fripp was well ahead of her time. We may not like to think so, however, in our current curated online world, you can’t go to the grocery store without thinking about how you represent yourself.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, except, is it? We live in an incredibly visual universe. 

That doesn’t mean you must be decked out in the latest, trending style. Which might not even be right for you, anyway.



At some point though, like Fripp, it’s a good idea to pick a lane and stay in it.

Are you:

  • Classic and elegant
  • Tomboy and playful
  • Androgynous and edgy
  • Rock and Roll and Lace
  • Romantic and Lacy
  • Preppy and collegiate

Or perhaps, some combination of all these styles, each slightly coloring your anchor go-to style.

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is.

Women have a lot of choices. A dizzying amount of choices.

Things are constantly changing.

Yet sometimes, our closets aren’t following suit. They’re stuck in the past or in a style or colors that no longer suit us.

Probably, your friends won’t tell you.

Fripp sure would.

And, I will too, with a gentle touch, of course!

Because I agree with Fripp. Nothing wrong with shameless self promotion. As women, we can be so afraid to self- promote. I understand. Underneath it all, I am a bit reserved myself.

So I often allow my style to take the lead for me. It gives people something to comment on. A way to forge a connection. To be memorable. Your style speaks volumes before you even say a word.

What is your style saying about you? Is it undeniably powerful or sadly unremarkable?

One thing I know for sure, is you are much too vibrant of a being to feel or appear pedestrian. Punch it up! Shamelessly self promote with style.

Not sure how? Reach out leslie@lesliecolestyles.com