What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror each day as you get ready to face the world?

Is it kind? Are you generous with yourself?

Perhaps you only notice the ‘flaws.’ The parts you’d prefer weren’t there. Or, those you think need to be camouflaged.


We all do it from time to time. However, this negative dialogue loop is a constant for many women. Things like:

“I’m too fat for this.”

“These pants make me look huge.”

“I look like a giraffe in these jeans.”

“I’m way too old for this outfit.”

“I look old.”

“I can’t wear this until I’ve lost fifty pounds.”

“This looks terrible!”

Maybe you say even worse things than these to yourself, every day.


Last week, I met a woman in a coffee shop, and when she learned I style women, she said, “I’ve got to lose 25 pounds, then I’ll be good.”

There’s always sometime in the future when we’ll ‘be good.’  What’s happening now as you’re denying yourself the privelge of feeling and looking great! 

So why not look like we want to right now? It can be hard to get past body shame, but so worth it. 

Because when we’re aligned with our true style, we feel better, we look better. We radiate vibrancy. When we cast aside the dreary comments and lean into how we look now — making the absolute best of it, we vibrate at a much higher level.

  • The women I work with might see things they don’t like in the mirror and desire to enhance the best parts of themselves instead.
  • They are curious about their appearance and how they can up-level their look.

  • My clients are women who have a strong desire to make changes. To enhance their best features and qualities, so they step out every day feeling awesome.

  • They want to refresh their lives.

  • These women are excited to engage and thrilled to begin the process of feeling more powerful and vibrant by creating an authentic style.

Are you one of these women?

Do you look in your mirror every morning and say, ‘eh, I’ll deal with all that later.’

Then, later keeps getting pushed back. And back. Meantime, you buy more stuff that isn’t working and feel more and more guilty because your closet is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. It’s a maddening cycle!

This is why there are stylists. That’s why there’s moi!

I’d be delighted to guide you through your style journey and help you maximize your potential in all areas of your life.

Of course, you can keep standing there in your closet, hating on it and your body. Thinking, I have nothing to wear and none of this looks good on me. Maybe I just won’t go to that event anyway. 

Or, you can get busy and get happy with a new, fresh look, right now. Not sometime.

My programs, Leslie Cole Style Council and Leslie Cole Clear Cull & Create will give you a fresh start on the path to your new style journey. Both are designed to help you clear what isn’t working, figure out with custom styling input what does work best for your shape, size and coloring. Together, we create your best, easiest look. 

Let’s talk if this resonates with you. leslie@lesliecolestyles.com.