Meet my client Leslie. I know, her hubs is handsome. See how proud he looks? They make a great looking couple. For the moment though, all eyes on Leslie!

Check out her style. Sleek, chic, modern and — most importantly, comfortable. You might never guess Leslie’s a high-powered attorney with decades of success under her belt. Or, that she has four adult children.

What you do know for sure, is she looks put together and sexy in this outfit. A vision of soft, confident power on a Saturday!

Notice that peak of pearl under the beautiful, multi-textured jacket from White House Black Market. The tasteful pumps paired with the dark denim jeans.

Best of all is the sheer confidence and pleasure on Leslie’s face.

Because she knows she looks great. Effortlessly.


OK, not exactly effortlessly! Leslie and I have worked together for several months as we’ve gradually evolved her style from work behind the zoom camera for the past two years, to a back-to-the-office work casual style that’s sophisticated, yet easy for her to manage and put together.

An outfit like this is effortless, once you’ve done the initial Clear Cull & Create and have the pieces on hand you know will work for you. Leslie and I have spent quite a few hours White House Black Market, filling in the empty spots in her wardrobe and bringing it current. 


Over a few months, Leslie and I curated a style that works really well  and tapped some of her old favorites and a few forgotten items already in her closet.

For example, during the Cull part of our Clear Cull & Create, Leslie pulled out these smart navy pumps. She thought they might be too conservative for jeans – but voila, as you can see, they’re perfect. Especially with this amazing jacket that Leslie bought all on her own!

Sometimes we wait a long time to give ourselves the style update we know is long overdue. We make other things priority.

Leslie said after one of our shopping excursions, “wow, this makes me realize how little attention I’ve paid to myself for the past several months, maybe even years. It feels good to get back to me.”

I’m sure most of you can relate. With being stuck at home during quarantine and stocking up on Amazon basics, or making do with yoga pants behind the camera, your collection might be looking a little exhausted. And honestly, it can make you feel that way, too. 

See what can happen when you get organized, shop your own closet, then add some pieces with pizazz to make your style sizzle. You deserve it.

Feeling powerful and confident isn’t a luxury. It’s an essential armor for your day to day tool kit. One we often neglect until the tools are dull and stale and we feel meh.

Want to look like Leslie instead? Reach out at to book your own Clear Cull & Create. Currently priced at $450.

You get :

  • Your Time Back
  • More Confidence
  • Save Money
  • Ease Putting Outfits Together
  • Less Need to Shop
  • Feeling put together and powerful every day