Sometimes you go into a store and see all these outlandish fashions, and you think, how in the world would I ever wear that?

Or, who in the heck are they designing these outfits for, anyway. Not me.

The thing is, that is a retailer’s job. I know, because I worked in specialty retail stores including Eddie Bauer and Neiman Marcus for over five years in sales and management. 

Retail store merchandising teams are charged with letting their creativity go off the charts showing as much product as possible. It’s a seduction.

You’re not really supposed to wear all these items together. It’s a fantasy.

These displays are also a great way for you to think about how you could create something similar, just in a toned down version.


For instance, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t wear this Madonna/librarian combo to your workplace. It’s all business on the top, party on the bottom!

However, you might integrate just one of these pieces into your regular work wear.

You could take the mesh tank and pull it over a bright colored lightweight or even opaque knit turtleneck for a fun, fresh look under a blazer. Just to add a little pop of pizazz!

Or, you could take the spangled belt and pair it with your conservative work slacks and a crisp white blouse for a dash of daring.

I don’t know if you could integrate the mesh tutu skirt for work, however, for casual wear, it could be really fun with an oversized chunky sweater and some boots or booties.

See what I mean? These playful pieces can punch up your weekday wardrobe with a little hint of mystery and mystique.


Perhaps you have some special items at home tucked in the back of your closet. And, you think, nah, that’s just for that one time on NY Eve. Pull her out. Give her a run in the middle of January. Just a peek of sequins and spangles hints at your fun-loving self. Plus it can make you happy.

What could be more important in the dull drab days of January than a little happy?

To learn more styling tips for special pieces, watch my Facebook Live from January 17.

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