You know how you get all excited at the end of the year and go online to take advantage of those whopping post holiday sales? 50% off plus another 20%, plus free shipping…. you know the drill.

Finally, you can afford to indulge yourself and snag some great deals.

Then, you get the package in the mail. Or, you hear the seductive roar of the UPS truck pulling up outside your house.

Yes, girls. You feel it, right? Like we’ve outsmarted the stores by waiting!


This year I ordered up a bunch of stuff from a store I rarely frequent, because I usually have fit issues with this particular retailer. However, I was looking for some classic tailored pieces which are their specialty, so I figured, OK, give it a run.

The day the package showed up I couldn’t wait to try them all on. I’d carefully put together several online outfits and was so excited to see them come together in real time.

Not so much. Out of nine items…. not a single piece fit. Not a one.

Boo hoo. Dang.


This has happened to you before, I’m certain.

And, I’m equally certain you’ve at some point, blamed yourself. Oh, I’m just too big, too tall, over my peak weight, too skinny, too lanky, my arms are too long, my legs are too short. My tummy is…

Right there, stop!

Instead think, these garments don’t suit me, rather than, I don’t suit these garments. It’s simply not the right cut, the right fit, the right fabric, any host of things. It’s not you!

There are plenty of clothes in the world that will fit you. And, fit you well. These just don’t happen to be them. Move on, blame the clothes, not yourself.

Did you know that almost 90% of clothing needs to be altered to look really special?

Because clothes are made for a universe of bodies and sizes, they simply can’t accommodate all of us. Again, it’s the clothes not us.

In retail they call these ‘fit issues.’ Not as in the client has fit issues, as in — that top, those pants or that dress has fit issues. Meaning, it doesn’t’ fit a lot of people. It’s made weird.

Once on a shopping trip in Chicago, I spent several hours in a J Crew on Michigan Avenue with this delightful, yet edgy salesperson. She spent a lot of time helping me find things that would fit my long limbs and high waist. 

She really helped me a lot. Then, right as she was bagging up the clothes, she blew it. She peered over her funky glasses and said, ‘you know, you really should have been about 5’8” not 5’10”!  I just stared at her, like what? I knew it was an insult and it hurt me deeply, yet I just kept standing there.

I wish I’d have dumped out the bag and made her return everything on the spot.

Never let anyone or any garment make you think you have fit issues. You don’t. It’s not you!

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