Don’t you just love this photo?

A client I worked with this week discovered these fun, exciting pieces in her very own closet!

There they were, looking forlorn and lonely! It took another pair of eyes to bring them back to life.


Once I spied those delicious cranberry leather jeans and that saucy little animal print top, I just knew they’d make a great team. Then, because you know I build outfits from three pieces, my client dug in again and produced this cute, tan cardi.

On its own — drabsville. Yet, paired with these other pieces, it added that grounding statement needed to pull the outfit together nicely.


If you’re sitting there scratching your head going, mmm.. I don’t think I have any things like that in my closet.

I say, trust me, you probably do. Or, you’re not sure what to do with what’s there. 

Here’s how I help clients spice up a seemingly tired closet that’s very likely full of some hidden gems:

  • Color blocking – pairing color with color rather than relying on black with a color. Color on color looks expensive, creative and very stylish.
  • Mix patterns. Maybe plaid and stripes. Or paisley and animal print. If the patterns are in the same general size and color tones, it can work to smashing effect.
  • Accessorize. Wear a statement earring or necklace. Add a different handbag or something vintage you’ve stored away for a special occasion.


For instance, my client had this super freaking fun sequined vest and she lit up as she pulled it out. I said, “what is that, why am I just now seeing that?”

She said, “oh, I only wear this for my high school reunion!” 

Au contraire, loves. We created all kinds of fun combos with that sparkle vest.

Special occasion pieces worn with more pedestrian items can make a memorable statement and pop some life into basic outfits.

Don’t be afraid to wear them in an unexpected way. Or, perhaps it’s time to search online for a special or current item that could freshen things up. A new metallic shoe or dangly earring.

Still stumped?

Don’t worry. That’s why there’s moi!

Book one of my Clear Cull and Create closet sessions to pop some pizzazz in your own closet.

When we finished, my client said, “that was awesome! I feel like I have some great outfits and I didn’t even have to go shopping! I thought you’d throw out all my clothes and instead you helped me put together outfits I never would have thought of.” Lesley R.

What you get with the Clear Cull and Create:

  • Your time back. No more standing for hours staring at the racks in despair.
  • More confidence. You step out feeling supercharged and ready to go.
  • Save Money. By finding new ways to wear old items.
  • Ease putting outfits together. You get access to my know-how and style knowledge.
  • Not needing to shop. Unless, of course, you want to. We create a list of what you need, rather than you going on another meandering fishing expedition.
  • 15 to 20 new outfits per session. We take photos and voila – you have an album of style to pull from.

The Clear Cull and Create Session is currently priced at $450. DM me or reach out to

I’d be delighted to help you spark some joy in your closet.