Let’s focus on you today. You and your style vision. Do you have a style strategy, or is it getting dressed all about coverage for you, throwing on some clothing  and running out the door!

Or, are you someone who’s on the constant prowl for a fresh, sharper look or style and feel you somehow keep missing the mark. You then find yourself reverting to old standbys or the tried and true outfit. 

What is drawing  you to these posts, and perhaps my Facebook Live style videos if you’re watching them (link below). Are you curious about yourself, always desiring to expand in some way? Or, is it more about making fashion and getting ready much easier for you. 


 What I know about fashion is that style is about fantasy. Who you want to become? How do you want to see yourself in comparison to how you show up now. 

Who would you consider your style icon?

Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah, Harry Styles? All of the above? It’s OK whoever it is, it’s your fantasy, you get to decide! A style icon can definitely change and evolve over time.

Why do you want to be more stylish? Are you in transition? Getting ready to date. Maybe you’ve recently lost weight, gained weight. Possibly you want to look more current. Have you just relocated to a different place? Taken a new job? Or, the dreaded of all tasks, mother-of-the-bride wardrobing!

It could simply be the general advance of aging, because it changes our style too. What we once wore no longer works past a certain point. Maybe your’e dressing older than your actual age.

You sense you could look more current, or modern but you don’t know how.


There are many reasons we change and upgrade our style, and frequently, these moments come in the midst of a life transition.

So, the question is, how do you find style that resonates for you? Do you watch influencers on Insta and think, oh ok, I’ll do that — even if that style isn’t really a fit for you or your body type? Perhaps you follow whatever the current trends are, regardless of whether or not you feel comfortable wearing them. Possibly you’ve been snared by the fantasy that Amazon is fashion. I hate to sound like a snob, but, it’s N-O-T! Comfort, yes. Stylish, N.O.

I recently read a statement by a powerful spiritual energy healer named Joe Nunziata.

Joe says, “the more connected you are with yourself, the more powerful you are.”

Trust me, your style is part of your power, and an impactful part of your connection with yourself. If you’re just covering your body, you’re not really connected with it. This isn’t a judgement. It’s a fact. You’re shutting off a part of yourself that could deeply contribute to your power and your confidence.

The more connected to ourselves we are, the more powerful we are. This doesn’t mean our power comes from our appearance. However, tending to our appearance helps us feel more powerful, and therefore, more connected.

So it’s circular. If you’re waiting til some magic day when you’re 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds lighter or your hair is grown out, or whatever the thing is, you’re not fully connecting with who you are now. And, that may be keeping you from living your best life NOW.

Think about how you’d like to show up. Is that currently as your most powerful self? If not, what are two or three things you could do that you already know would give you a huge pop of power? Then go for it!

For some inspiration, check out my weekly Facebook Live Style Series https://www.facebook.com/leslie.cole.3194/