When I was in corporate, I had a comfortable, healthy budget for clothes and shopping. I lived two blocks off Michigan Avenue and spent many Saturday afternoons trolling the Miracle Mile.

My closet was full of designer names and expensive shoes. I say this not to brag, it was just a fact. This was the era of Sex And The City and living in an urban core like Chicago and trotting around in Jimmy Choo and Prada was the thing. If you could afford it, and I could.

Although, I’ve always been a fan of ‘high-low’ styling. Layering in lower cost, basic pieces with the high-end stuff. Like, a gap T-shirt with an Armani suit. Or, Choo sandals with Levi’s jeans and a top.

Even back in the day, I never had a bulging closet. I’ve always preferred an edited collection and challenging myself to create ways to make a few key pieces do a lot of work. 


Once, I was at a poetry reading in downtown Chicago. The poet was an elegant lady in her seventies. She wore a simple, chic black outfit and her silver hair was pulled back into a low pony. She lived in a small studio apartment in one of the high rises and was a lovely, calm presence.

As we sat there talking, I marinated in her mature confidence. She said, “you know, you don’t have to have a lot of money to look stylish. There are many ways to be creative with clothing.”

I’ve often thought about her comment. At the time, I could never imagine myself wearing anything less than a leather-soled shoe or a designer bag.


Well… until the last few years. After I left corporate, there was no longer a need or the pull to continue to buy uber expensive goods.

Then, when I moved to Kansas City a couple years ago, an abundance of pricey stuff simply wasn’t available.

So, over the last few years, I’ve learned to do exactly as the lady poet described. Create a stylish look on a lesser budget. Yes, there are indeed ways to be creative with clothing at a lower cost.

In the new year, that’s what I’ll be helping you with!

How to shop designer resale.

How to modernize vintage resale pieces and older, expensive pieces in your closet.

How to get more out of the pieces you own.

How to create many outfits with a few basics.

How to layer in fast fashion without wasting money.

How to copy the haute couture looks on a lower budget.

How to dress for your figure and lifestyle.

How to wear color and colors that most suit you.

It’s gonna be fun, so come back, and also check out my Facebook Live videos.

I offer tips weekly at  https://www.facebook.com/leslie.cole.3194/

See you there in the new year!