It happened again.

There I was, running through Whole Foods when I noticed a woman in fresh fruit smiling at me!

I dashed into the Women’s and when I emerged, there she was, waiting for me outside the restroom.

“I love what you’re wearing,” she said, “you could go anywhere in that outfit!”


It may sound weird to you, but this sort of thing happens to me all the time.

Malls, airports, museums, women want to touch, to learn, to feel more put together.

I understand. I’ve spent years perfecting an authentic look. It takes a lot of time and energy. And, love for fashion.

Once, on a long plane flight for work, I spent the entire four hours devouring a Vogue magazine.

As the plane descended, the man next to me said, “how can you concentrate so hard on that … that, drivel?”

It’s not inconsequential drivel. Style is serious business!


When I was in corporate financial services, some of my colleagues and clients liked to tease me about my shopping and my style.

However, I also noticed many of my clients looked forward to what outfit I would wear next.

One of my clients, a high-producing wholesaler, would only put me on stage in front of his elite top producers out of all my competitors.

Subsequently, when I ditched my all black uniform and began layering in feminine textures and colors, I started making more money.

Sales came much easier. Life got more fun!

So, really, it’s a natural evolution for me, after all this time of helping women access their femininity, to take things a step further to help you build your unique, confident style.

Classy style = confidence and power in business.

It certainly did for me and I want to help you feel the same level of power and confidence in your daily life, whatever it may be.

There’s a lot underneath the hood when we begin to explore this part of ourselves. Body image. Body traumas. Aging. What your mother said fifty  years ago! I get it.

I’ve gone through my own style and femininity evolution. What I know is, it’s all about moving towards what you want now, rather than waiting until you feel better. Just so you know, it works exactly in the opposite format!

As Dr. Phil always said at the beginning of his shows, “I want you to feel excited about your life!”

For me, the quickest way to do that has always been through image enhancement. I’m know I’m in a much better place when I’m excited about my image and feeling more joy and confidence in how I look.

How about you? If you’re ready to up-level your style, or even if you’re not ready, but you know it’s time, reach out! Why wait? Why not look and feel fabulous in the new year.

You can contact me at to set up a virtual or in-person private closet consultation. Starting at $300 through Dec. 27, 2022