You know how sometimes you go into a store filled with tons of racks, tables heaping with folded sweaters, jeans, shoes, purses, accessories…. and you head to that one odd rack that looks like the returns from the fitting rooms? The stuff doesn’t look like it goes together, yet, it’s still intriguing, right?

And you just gotta see what’s on that rack.

Stores have wised up to this hunter-gatherer phenomenon and are now creating special racks to get your attention. Nordstrom and other retailers often call this the ‘last items’ rack.


 Guess what? You can duplicate this crazy method right in your own home.

I call it the Create stage of my three part closet clearing sessions with clients.

After we clear things from your closet, the oldies, the duplicates, the wrong sizes and colors, we are left with some good, solid pieces we can use to create new outfits.


To give us a better view and inspire new outfit combinations, I then take the garments and hang them differently in your closet

Like, if all the white blouses were hanging together in one clump, I’ll pull out one and hang it next to a pair of gray wool slacks. Or, maybe I’ll hang a long brown cardigan next to a pink blouse.

It works because you start to see your old stuff look new as it’s paired in different combinations on the rack. This approach freshens the eye. 

I can’t tell you how much time and money this practice has saved me over the years.

Shopping your closet helps you avoid additional costly mistakes or duplicates. Like how many pair of black pants do you need anyway, right!

Rehanging your wardrobe will also help you see things you hadn’t before and open you to new outfit possibilities.

In my own closet, I make a practice of hanging 3-4 assembled outfits together on a rack so I always have a few potential outfits to choose from.

It makes planning to go out and getting ready so much easier and more fun.

Usually, just after I go shopping, I’ll bring new purchases into the closet and hang them with several other pieces to see how many new combinations I can create. Even if the garments don’t seem to match at first.

You’d be surprised how many new combinations you can make by shopping your own closet.

Give it a try!

If you want a personal assist with a year-end closet purge, DM me at to schedule your own in-person or virtual Clear, Cull and Create session. Priced starting at $300.