It’s the holidays. I see you. There you are, standing in your closet or the Macy’s at the mall, clutching a pair of black pants and a black sweater, or top. Or dress. Back to black.

It’s where we land to be sure. To hide stuff. To get out the door when we’re in a hurry.

Often, it lands us in an outfit that feels so-so. Like meh.


The other day, I was shopping in my favorite resale boutique. I noticed a young woman with a baby, flipping through the racks. Her skin was gorgeous, her hair was a beautiful chestnut brown. She would have looked divine in a color. ANY color.

Yet, there she was, a heap of black garments thrown over her arm, the baby cooing at her iPhone.

I couldn’t help myself and pushed a couple frillier pieces her way. She wasn’t having it and left the shop with a banal black sweater. No bling, no sparkle. I could have cried.


Because, that used to be me. Black was my bestie. I wore it everywhere, particularly when I lived in Chicago. The whole urban scene.

Once I moved to California and the land of sun and surf, I began exploring more colors and textures. Then, when I started pole dancing and stepped into my softer self, I experimented with even more flattering feminine shades and shapes.

On the weekend, I wore this outfit to a daytime holiday party. Yes, the event was casual and most people wore jeans or black pants with a holiday sweater. OK, fine, everyone looked nice.

Except, I wanted to sparkle. To take it up a notch. So I created this outfit which I talked about on my Facebook Live this week. Check the link below to see the video of how I put the outfit together.

Do you feel you have things in your closet you aren’t wearing? Are you always grabbing for the basic black pants and a top?

Not sure how to venture out past whatever your ‘uniform’ is?

The way I do it, is to start with a piece I feel like wearing and then build around it. For instance, I really wanted to wear the sparkle skirt. However, since it was a daytime party, I wanted to tone it down a bit. Save the full glam version for New Year’s Eve.

So, I grabbed the denim jacket and a sleeveless blouse and sandals to ground the skirt. It worked. I felt comfortable and was not over or underdressed.

Challenge yourself to leave the black pants/skirt/dress at home this year. For just one night. See how it feels for you to flounce around in something colorful or flirty. I bet you’ll have a blast.

Don’t worry about if it’s too ‘out there,’ or ‘what will people think!’ What people will think is, wow, she looks awesome!

Besides, it’s about you feeling great and amazing.

After all, that’s what this festive season is all about. Big, bright and sparkly. Go for it!

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