What is that anyway? Cull. How does it apply to your closet.

Let’s consult Webster. Cull. Select from a wide quantity. Obtain from a variety of sources.

First off, I know you have more than one closet. There’s the hall coat closet. The excess stuff or rotating season closet. Then, there’s that closet in your kid’s bedroom or the basement where you stash stuff.


Cull. We look at all this stuff to find the best and dispense with the rest.

This step is a little trickier and often, where your friend, if you could strong-arm one into helping you, bails. Because it gets a bit harder here.

In this stage, we have all the stuff laid out before us and what emerges are some puzzlers.

These are pieces you might love, however, you don’t wear them. Often, or at all. And, it bugs you.

This is where I come in. We put them aside to set the stage for the the last part, Create. Creating new outfits.



It could be that these puzzlers are piecing around taking up precious room in your closet because you simply don’t know what to pair them with.

Or, you forgot about them. Maybe this time around, you’re ready to either wear them, style them or donate or sell them. Be done and be gone with them.

Puzzlers can turn out to be closet stars.

Sometimes, I’ll buy an item I really love and yet, I don’t wear it for several days, weeks or months. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a challenging garment. It could be the occasion hasn’t presented itself yet, it’s out of season or I’m not ready to lean into it yet.

All fine.

Cull stage is also where we get a real sense of what you love. What works for you and what we want to replicate or replace going forward.

This stage identifies what shopping sources work best for you, which stores you tend to love and gravitate to and which items in your wardrobe have produced the most joy and wear for you.

So, now, we’re ready to move on to Create.

Please check next post, titled Creating New Outfits!


Don’t worry if you’re still a little fuzzy. We’ll come back to the three C’s again and again.

For those of you who’d like a personal assist with your three C’s, to align with the best garments and outfits for you, contact me at leslie@majesticfeminine.com to set up a virtual or in-person private closet consultation. Starting at $300.