This is what I call, ‘shopping your closet.’ You might think you need to run out and start loading up the cart or ordering stuff online. Wait. 

Listen. No one loves a shop-a-thon more than me! However, you’ll probably be surprised how many outfits we can create with a handful of pieces you already own. This stage also helps us identify what you need.

Want to vibe the androgynous menswear look with a feminine take? Ah, except you have no white blouses or tailored pants or jackets. OK. Let’s start our shopping list.


One thing I don’t necessarily buy into are those ‘Ten Top Items You Need For The Perfect Wardrobe’ lists. Invariably, these lists include items not really flattering or necessary for all.

For instance. They usually include a basic trench coat. I’m sorry, I’ve tried and tried, and I find I look like Ichabod Crane in a trench. It makes me appear tall and shapeless. Gangly. Other women can look puffy or stuffed into one.  I get it, I understand the trench, but for some, it’s an unremarkable garment.

Plus, I’m just not sure who decided khaki goes with everything. Yawn. 

So, these ‘lists’ are iffy, IMO.


My process is to construct your most necessary ten items.

Like one of my clients, also named Leslie. She’s a high-ranking attorney for a government agency. There are only twelve Leslie’s in the entire country!

She wants to look professional and put together, however working for a government agency, unless you’re Michelle Obama, you probably want to avoid a lot of designer flash.

Leslie needed those pieces that would take her to the conferences and meetings she attends in DC. So she could look professional and styled, but not like Mick Jagger coming down the runway. Leave the glitter at home, OK?!

So, we stocked her up with basics from White House Black Market. A well-cut black suit she could count on year round, that packs easily and is washable upon return home. Also, each piece of the suit is versatile enough to pair with more casual items for an after-hours look.

Bam. That one suit packs a punch for Leslie. If she wants the bling of sparkle, she can add a fussy necklace or sheer shell underneath. In fact, we purchased a gorgeous, inexpensive medallion necklace for her, also at WHBM, that literally goes with almost everything she wears.

Sometimes, my clients find they can put the shopping on pause after we’ve done a Create. Because I help them come up with so many outfits, at least 10-15 from items they currently own, like and will wear.

This is truly my mastery. Putting all those pesky pieces together. I also know how to skillfully integrate items you are missing as we create your look.

This is the stage where we build our shopping list. Then prioritize it. Must have now, could need later, keep an ongoing watch.

See, it’s a circular process and one that’s never really ‘done.’ Just like decorating your house.

Create. Give it a try. It’s really fun! Especially if you mix items that don’t initially seem to go together. This is where you can have the most fun.

Like popping a fuchsia T-neck under a drab olive pea coat with some plaid slacks.

Sounds weird, but in real life, people will go, wow! how did you think to put that together!

If creating outfits isn’t your thing, you can watch me here or on my social media for ideas or inspiration. Or, observe other people on social or in your daily world. I get inspo all over the place.

Are you still like, meh, I don’t think so, I don’t have time for that?  Connect with me and let’s play shop your closet together.

You probably have so many items you can repurpose and wear to great results and lots of compliments. Sometimes you really do need another eye to breathe life into the same closet you’ve been looking at for months or years. And, we could save you money and energy down the road. 

Fresh energy, fresh look! Let’s go Create!

For those of you who’d like a personal assist with your three C’s, to align with the best garments and outfits for you, contact me at to set up a virtual or in-person private closet consultation. Starting at $300.