So, how do you do it? How do you build yourself a sporty, stylish, modern and versatile wardrobe.

If just reading that sentence makes you sigh, pass out, or immediately recline onto your sofa with a cold compress on your forehead, this post is for you!

Seriously, though. How do you create and a reliable wardrobe that makes you look and feel put together? Hint – there’s shopping involved! So, it’s helpful to have a framework to navigate all the options out there in the wide world of retail.  

It’s a tall order. Don’t feel odd if you don’t enjoy doing it. Many women don’t. Or, you’re just not sure how. 

I love all of it, but even I get stumped. So, I consult with stylists and study what other women are doing.


Mostly, I rely on my 3-C system, which is how I help clients curate the perfect wardrobe for their lifestyles. We design a closet that makes them look and feel put together, all the time.

My 3 C’s help you avoid those tragic mistakes that end up cluttering the dark corners of your closet and make you feel frantic when you’re getting ready to go somewhere.

Right now, in the thick of holiday season, I know you’re all out there shopping and you’ll be tempted to select a few things for yourself at the mall.

So, use my 3 C’s. Consider these guideposts before you buy or order any clothing:

Cut, Color, Current.


Cut – is the garment cut in a style that flatters your shape? Not your daughter’s or your best friend’s. If the item is not cut for your figure, you’ll be staring at yourself in the mirror, and rather than thinking it’s just not the right piece, you’ll somehow make yourself wrong for its poor fit. Maybe your objective is coverage verse style. Another rule of thumb is that baggy or shapeless clothing won’t make you look slimmer. It’ll just look, well.. .big. 

That’s why the first thing I consider for any client is, will the cut of this garment work for them? Is it the best way to showcase  their unique figure. If not, put it back.

Color – IMO, more tragic mistakes occur as the result of the wrong color choices than any other style mishap! I’ve fallen prey myself. I might be in love with the style of a garment or the price, or maybe it fits like a glove. Yet, in my heart of hearts, I know the color doesn’t suit me. This happens A LOT with sale items. We buy something out of our color palette because it’s a great price. Sometimes, we’re not real sure what our best colors are. 

Hint – if someone says to you, “wow, that color makes you look sallow, or tired,” it means the garment will soon become a tragic mistake. Put it back.

Current – Is the piece modern, contemporary or at least relatively current? This is not to say everything you wear has to be the height of fashion. There are some very cheeky vintage pieces that can add a pop to an ordinary outfit.

However, if it’s something that no longer hangs right, the cut looks dated, the color is faded, you will look older or tired, or both. Scary emoji here!

You don’t have to show up every day like Anna Wintour of Vogue. However, keeping things looking fresh and updated will take years off your look, and — you’re psyche.

Keep – the vintage Chanel pearls.

Let go – the vintage 1988 shoulder pads Melanie Griffith wore in Working Girl. Been there, done that! Keep it current, girls!

Don’t worry if you’re still a little fuzzy. We’ll come back to the three C’s again and again.

For those of you who’d like a personal assist with your three C’s, to align with the best garments and outfits for you, contact me at to set up a virtual or in-person private closet consultation. Starting at $300.