Over the holiday weekend, I fired up Amazon Prime and watched Amy Schumer in the movie, I Feel Pretty.

If you haven’t seen it, spoiler alert — here’s the synopsis:

It begins with Amy, showing up like Miss Everyone, kind of sloppy, dying to be glamorous, but fully believing she never will.

Then, in one of those remarkable, miraculous movie/life reversals, Amy falls off her Soul Cycle, bumps her head and passes out. She awakens, shocked to find her reflection in the mirror is now stunningly gorgeous.

Of course, you and I know… Amy looks absolutely the same. Not one single thing about her appearance has changed. It’s all in her brain – the one that’s been altered by the thump from the bike.

Nevertheless, Amy flies out of Soul Cycle in awe and rapture at her good fortune.

She starts dressing better, flashier, more fun. She styles her hair. Walks with a strut. Starts acting as if.

Except, it’s not acting. She really, really believes. It’s like a makeover movie without any actual makeover.

Great things start happening for her. Because she actually does start looking better and as a result, her confidence soars higher and higher.

You know what? We can all do this. In real life. Adjust our view of ourselves. And, our expectations for ourselves. Start believing, absolutely, I’m a queen. Why the heck not look like one every day?


Speaking of Queen, I also watched the reliably spectacular Queen Latifah in another movie, Last Holiday. About a woman who believes she’s got three weeks to live (due to a freaky medical misdiagnosis). So she cashes out her retirement account and heads to Czechoslovakia for the dream vacation she’s always wanted.

Same Cinderella story. She arrives at the resort, looking drab and muted. Checks into the Presidential suite. Spends one night frolicking in 32,000 thread count cotton sheets and next morning, marches herself down to the boutique to get busy looking dope.

Like the queen she really is.

Isn’t it ironic that in almost every transformational story, the woman undergoes a makeover? However, those reboots are way more than skin deep. They reflect an up-level in the woman’s entire life!


Moral of the story. We can feel pretty and put together if we want to.

We don’t have to buy the career advice that tells us to drab it down. That if we appear pretty or soft it’ll dull our intelligence or, people won’t take us seriously if we’re too stylish. Or, that past a certain age, we should stop trying, or tame down our style and blend in. 

Bull. Those days are O-V-E-R.  I say, take it back. All of it. Feel pretty and put together if you want to. Live every day as the Queen you are, enjoying your holiday or even your regular old Tuesday afternoon.

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