The other day, I was in my closet playing around.

This animal print skirt called out to me, so I put it on. But I wasn’t sure what to wear with.

You might be surprised to know I do not have a ton of stuff in my closet. When you keep your closet edited, each piece really has to count. My goal was to make several outfits with this animal print number because I only have two skirts!

For some reason, this faux suede brown dress from White House Black Market jumped out as a topper. OK, why not? I slipped it on over the skirt. In the mirror, I noticed the tonal brown in both garments was complimentary and the proportions of the two pieces worked together well.


Then, I thought, hmmmm what shoes? I pulled out a pair of tan suede booties I bought before leaving KC, at Halls Crown Center, and haven’t worn yet. Ta da! They matched.

Actually, maybe you can’t tell from the photo, but they don’t match exactly, which is OK with me.

An interior designer once told me, “with green, you can mix all the shades and they’ll combine nicely, just like in nature –  how all trees go together!”

I think brown is the same way. You’ll notice there’s a panoply of rich browns here and they all blend.

To finish things, I added a recent vintage find, the Balenciaga bag. By purchasing it resale, I saved nearly 70% off retail pricing. You’ll see me come back to the brilliance of Baleniaga again and again. I own four of the bags in different sizes and colors. All from vintage resale shops. The distressed, biker tone of Balenciaga adds a current edge to a more refined outfit. Kind of like a rock and roll exclamation point! 

There you go. An interesting outfit with comfort. And, full disclosure. I love the decadent exuberance of not having to wear undies with long skirts! Or, in winter, staying warm with comfy leggings hidden underneath.


 Style tip:

Shop Your Own Closet. Play around in your closet for unexpected combinations and try them on. I recommend doing this frequently or before you have an event, so you’ll have a couple options ready to go the day of. You’ll see from the line-up below, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look pulled together.

Outfit Number 1 goals met:

  • Tummy hidden
  • Looks polished
  • Comfort all day
  • Easily layered with a top coat or sweater for warmth


Mixing and matching not your thing? Reach me at to set up your private closet consult!