As a girl, my two favorite pastimes were hanging with my Barbies and swinging. Exactly in that order.

My grandfather was a union pipe fitter and built a nearly two-story, solid as steel swing-set in our backyard. The thing was cemented so deep into the ground you never had to worry about it wobbling or toppling over. I could soar as high as I wanted, much to the chagrin of my grandmother, Jeannette.

She’d stand at the screen door of our porch and call out to my sister and I, you girls be careful now, you’re going to fly off that swing!


Barbies came in next as the second most-loved childhood toy. I could sit for hours in the middle of the second floor of our midwestern bungalow dressing them.

I simply adored putting together their little outfits. Sitting there primping them, I’d be completely absorbed.

As an adult, I get the same thrill from creating outfits for myself. I call it playing in my closet.

My energy can feel tired as a dull pair of black slacks. Then I get in the closet, try this or fashion that and voila! I’m revived and sparking joy. (Thanks Marie Kondo). 

Sometimes, I’ll exhaust myself curating outfits. Many of which never see the light of day outside my room.

Which is OK, because when I’ve played in my closet, I have a few ideas up my sleeve anytime I’m asked to go somewhere. Usually, before I leave the house, I have a couple outfits in mind that could work for wherever I’m going.


Over the years, women have asked me to play Barbie in their closets.

Believe me, I’ve seen my share of closets. Packed full, empty and forlorn, a little sliver crammed next to the hub’s stuff, entire concert T shirt walk-in closets! You name it, I’ve seen it.

And, I love it. I never thought I could do closet curation and styling for reals. Like for a job.

Guess what? I decided. I’m gonna! Showing women how to look their best fills me with purpose and passion. 

Recently, I was helping a girlfriend rebuild her wardrobe for back to the office after two years of WFH on zoom during the pandemic. We started at the mall around noon, returned to her house with armfuls of bags and were still deep in the weeds of her closet at 7:00 o’clock that night.

Her hubs came in, looked at me and goes, “my god, aren’t you tired? You’ve been doing this all day!”


Nope. We just sent him on his way to make us lattes. You shoulda seen the megawatt smile on his face when he came back and saw his wife wearing her new, sexier styles.

I too get a thrill when women’s faces (and sometimes men’s) light up after we’ve put new outfits together. When we’ve created a look that sings and sparkles.

It gives me as much joy as primping those precious Barbies! I love to say, girl! watch out, your’e gonna fly out of here you’re looking so amazing!

Soon, you’ll see this blog reformatted to help you find your feminine through fashion! I’m building a container for you to tap into your authentic feminine through your wardrobe. So you can go out looking like the best expression of yourself.

It’s about being seen. Which, can be hard for some of us.

We uncover plenty of insecurities, body issues and sometimes shaming and traumas when we comb through a closet. My experience working with women in feminine coaching, a few stints in retail and over ten years of dance with many types of female bodies, gives me a special ability to help you absorb and digest all that comes up for you as we clear, cull and create new, awesome looks for you.

So, come on Barbie! It’s about to get real up in here!

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