For those of you who braved your way though my soupy, sad sack posts last week, you know I was noodling around in a mood muckier than a gnarly blanket of soggy, Southern California marine layer. Yech.

It was dreary. No, loves, I was dreary.

Then, you know how they say, when it’s the worst, the pits, the darkest day before dawn, stuff like that — well, the light comes in.

Trick is, you have to say yes. To something. To anything. Get off the sappy pity pot and grab onto some firm land. Even if it seems totally unrelated to the current existential crisis.


There I was, worrying what the heck I’m to do out here in the gorgeous Golden State amidst all these beautiful people, when my former stand-up comedy teacher started bugging me on messenger.

Actually, she’d been reaching out for a few weeks. About her workshop called Infinite Creator, ™ to help creatives decide on their next project.

Meh. It felt unrelated.

I politely said I’d think about it. Then, I said it again. And again. I asked for the link, again. Didn’t look at it. Again.

Finally, I agreed to get on a call to learn more. After she gave me a generous forty minutes of her time explaining the event, I said I’d attend. Then didn’t sign up. (Fifty lashes with a fishnet stocking to me).

I was being one of THOSE ppl. Pitifully pilfering around over a piddly outlay of cash, noncommittal and stuck.

Truth. I had nothing else much to do last weekend. Really, I had nothing to lose. Still, I waffled.

Finally, she pinged me at 5:00 o’clock the day before the workshop and out of pure guilt, I pulled out my Amex. Done.


Peeps. Ta da. We have liftoff.

The uber talented multi-hyphenate of a workshop leader, Beth Lapides who refers to her approach as the ‘pushy Jew method,’ knocked me off my block of banal despondency.

After listening to my ten-minute ramble on the first day of the workshop, she goes, “why don’t you just be a personal stylist.”

This, because I shared how women are always approaching me in public asking me to style them. Or where I shop, or how I found my handbag.

She goes, ‘um, hun, that’s a major green light. Like a disco strobe of a green light.” The assembled group of cool LA ppl on the zoom screen nodded in unison.

Actually, ppl are always telling me this. My therapist suggested it over a year ago. It just was’t the time for me to absorb it yet. I had the yeah buts.

This time, I sank into it.

OK, here I am in OC. Sunny SoCal. The place I pined over for two years while I was away. An enclave so awash in money, style and such an astonishing, astronomical abundance of shopping and exotic goods, that hoards of rich ppl clamor to live here.

Not to mention, spectacular weather. Bad hair days oand baffling footwear challenges do not exist here.

I had to admit, one of the things I most missed while in Kansas City was style. Glam, glitz. Yet, here I’d returned to mecca and from my dour perch, saw nothing but superficiality and silliness.


Finally, it hit me! Style and beauty aren’t silly. They’re not superficial.

So I surrendered. I’ve always wanted to style. I’ve been doing it for women for free for years. Now, I’m going to do it for reals. 

After the workshop on Saturday, I stripped out of my zoom-comfy T shirt and leggings, styled this outfit, trotted myself to Whole Foods and asked a super cute guy to take my picture.

I said, “excuse me, I’m a stylist, I know it’s oh-so LA, but could you snap a couple shots for me?” Nervous energy coursed through me as I said it…. I’m a stylist!

Feeling put together encompasses more than your outfit. There’s an emotional component. Looking your best self contributes to your well being every day.

I was given a gift of a keen eye and a love of clothing curation that is not inconsequential.

Also, years of studying, witnessing and holding space for the feminine, positions me to capably handle the body issues, shame, trauma, fear and worry that come up for women around clothing and image.

Sometimes, as much as you want to let go of that old self, your old visual story, it’s hard to part with her.

It’s not always easy. However, I get so much joy from helping women and seeing them come alive. Watching that light in their eyes switch on when they are given permission to look how they really want.

Because it’s deeper than looking stylish or fashionable. Your outer appearance also conveys  your personality, who you are.

Or, maybe right now, it doesn’t, and it’s bugging you.

That’s where I come in. Getting you put together, with personality. So you don’t look like everyone else. You look like you. The best version of you.

Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Soon, I’ll unveil more, maybe even some special deals!

But the real excitement is, I SAID YES. To me. To what I really want to do.

Which is helping  you, find your feminine through fashion.

To inquire about working together, send an email: