The light, the luster. The divine loveliness of them.

In Mexico, there’s this one market vendor who displays every day at the resort where I stay. Marcos. The man has the best selection of pearls on the planet.

I always overindulge. Marcos gets me every time. “Not many sales, such a slow day, come on you know you want these!”

He’s always right. Never, have I regretted a pearl purchase from Marcos. Or really, anyone else.


When I got divorced, way back when, I traded my one-carat solitaire for an ‘opera length’ strand of real, Mikimoto pearls. Oh, how I loved them, cherished them, wore them constantly our first few months together.

Now, they are more of an occasional love, although I’ve had them restrung several times because they really are sheer heaven.

There’s nothing like pearls to punch up your girl power. Your feminine vibes.

Sometimes I sleep in mine. OK, often I do.


Coco Chanel knew a thing or two about the power of pearls. Her waterfall of multiple strands still stands the test of time. It’s chic, effortless. She pulled pearls out of fustiness and repurposed them into layers of luxury.

You may not know this, but Chanel’s inspiration for her famous sportswear designs was born when she began wearing her boyfriend’s clothing. To add that touch of the feminine, she popped pearls into the picture. Chanel understood the curiosity of mixing the androgynous with the sheer sexiness of ropes of pearls worn in unexpected ways.

I’ll admit, I feel more confident every single time I wear one of my coveted, vintage CC pearl necklaces.


Maybe you dislike pearls. Possibly, they remind you of your mother or some prim matron in a curated corporate head shot.

Well, get on board. Pearls are having a moment. Give them a chance! Rescue them from the bottom of your jewelry box and throw them on with a T-shirt. A pair of jeans. Or, just to sleep in.

Feel the indulgent sensation of those milky, lustrous orbs against your skin.

I guarantee, you’ll want to do it again!