Dear closet,

Oh how I love thee. Your excellent layout. Your spacious shelving. Your glossy, wood floor that looks warm, welcoming and chic with my ancient oriental rug.

The lighting that flickers on the moment I pull open your doors and glance at my collection. Which, currently looks a little sparse as I cull and pack to make my exit.

I will miss you. We’ve spent much time together.


I know. I know. You think it’s a little nutty how often I come in here and hang out with you to edit and re-edit my wardrobe. All those kooky outfits I try on. Dear, it’s just me, playing with you!

Hon, I can’t help it. I simply cannot stand to see your shelves bulging and unkempt or stuffed to suffocation with hanging garments. It makes me sad for the clothes. And you. It doesn’t honor either of you. A closet is a personal, private space. It’s a reflection of the owner’s preferences, mistakes, dramas, history. It deserves respect.


You and I have been through a lot together. Parkas, pearls and potential outfits.

Now we say our goodbyes. Please know I’ve loved you, even when it’s felt like love/hate. That’s more about me!

I know I can never duplicate you, but I’m sure gonna try. Please be kind to your next owner and grant them the same hushed hope you’ve given me. My love endures forever, dear closet, you have served me well.