This is my friend, Lesley. I met her last summer at a Green Compass Global party here in my hometown.

She sat down next to me as the presentation started, and we learned we share the same name! We also attended the same college and lived in neighboring sorority houses. Though not at the same time, Lesley is a few years younger than me.

Ever since, we’ve been fast friends. Sometimes, you’re lucky to meet someone who is genuine, kind, goes that extra mile, and…. is cute and fun. Solid. One you can count on. Oh, and we both love the color green!


Which brings me to Green Compass Global. Before that night, I’d certainly heard of CBD or hemp wellness products, because they’re everywhere in California. I’d seen some at my favorite natural grocery store, Mothers and other places. I’d tried a couple topicals for elbow aches from pole dancing.

So when I heard about the CBD party, I decided to go. Little did I know, I’d have the great fortune of plugging into an amazing community of women like Lesley. These remarkable women have connected me to members of their own precious networks over the past year. Last night, there we were, about ten of us at a fun, girly potluck at one of the ladies’ homes.


Also, that night, I got turned on to the major benefits of CBD products. Lesley described how Green Compass CBD tinctures had helped ease foot pain in the fascia muscles of her feet. I’d suffered from the same pain for a long time and was willing to try anything. Wow. What a huge difference it’s made!

That night, I enjoyed the energy of the group so much, I actually signed up to sell the product!

I’d never considered a ‘social selling’ gig. Or, what some refer to as MLM or multi-level marketing. But I heard the pitch and thought, why wouldn’t I do this?


Green Compass offers a unique product, being one of the very few USDA certified organic hemp products on the market. How you know, is there’s a QR code on every single product that connects to a report from an independent, third party laboratory confirming the efficacy of the product and the origin of the hemp.

OK. Nice. Also, Green Compass CBD is extracted only from the flower of the hemp plant, where the most CBD exists.

Many people are unaware 80% of the hemp used in US CBD products is exported from China where the hemp plant is used as a scavenger plant to extract pollution from air around the factories! EW! All hemp used in Green Compass wellness products is grown in sixth-generation organic farms in North Carolina. 



Lesley and I also use the skincare products offered by Green Compass. Our founder, Meredith Cook is an aesthetician, and created an affordable and very effective skincare product. Whenever Lesley and I attend meetings together, women always ask what skincare we use!

I was a lucky girl to meet Lesley. I will certainly miss her and the local Green Compass team once I’m relocated in California. I’ll just keep selling Green Compass so I can remain connected to my fabulous, gorgeous green team here!

BTW, there are so many other benefits of Green Compass hemp wellness products.

Reduction of anxiousness

Improved sleep,

Enhanced energy,

A sense of general well-being,

Easing of general aches and pains!

The products also have a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you don’t love, return within 30 days for full refund.

To learn more, I’ve included the link to my Green Compass Global page below. New customers are eligible for $10 discount on the first order.