If you stopped by here last week, you know I was talking about the girls. Ladies. Girlfriends. Your posse.

Your girl gaggle is sooooooo important. Beautiful ladies, we simply cannot go it alone. We need our girls.


When I moved back to my hometown, I had a couple of girlfriends here. However, not a deep bench of them. You need a deep bench of supportive, fun besties.

With such an abundance of wonderful, giving and fun women out there, there’s no reason to rely on one or two. Spread your wings. I did just that during this past year.

Some women don’t know how to meet other women. It can be awkward, uncomfortable.

Here’s my tip for you. One woman leads to another. Meaning, if you get lucky and meet one great connection, that woman will likely connect you with other women, or groups.


One such group I had the good fortune of tapping into last year, was a newly-forming bunch called The Hive Women.

It’s a band of five female friends who created a platform for ‘middle-staged’ women in Kansas City to meet and have fun, while supporting local philanthropic causes. Their mission is “social, with a purpose.”

This gang is dope! I went to my first meeting with my new gal pal, Lesley (mentioned in Green and Gorgeous). We walked into a local restaurant and were nearly knocked silly by the buzz of gabbing women packed into the room! The Hive regularly attracts 70-80 ladies at the monthly meeting.

There are all types of women here. Empty nesters, those who’ve recently relocated, women looking for ways to serve or just have fun in middle age.


The Hive founders hit a vein. These meetings have explosive, high-vibe energy and are loads of fun. And, no mean girls allowed. Everyone, to a woman is welcoming and friendly.

Each month, they feature someone from a local business. I was lucky to have the opportunity to present Majestic Feminine at the September meeting a couple nights ago.

I’m here to tell you, those women lapped it up. My message of having FUN in your feminine. Celebrating your sexy. Getting downright all up in your fabulousness. They were all in!

Thanks Hive KC! I’ve included the link below. If you’re a local and wishing for an awesome girl gaggle of your own, check these ladies out.