Last week, I was cruising around one of my favorite, leafy, opulent neighborhoods in Kansas City called Mission Hills. One of those Hallmark-type postcard-perfect neighborhoods with brick mansions and stately manner homes, similar to those you see in Beverly Hills. No kidding!

Here’s some Kansas City history for you. The same urban planner was used for both areas, after the peeps in California got wind of our winding and gorgeous little jewel box of a neighborhood and how well it was laid out. Actually, it’s not that small. Mission Hills covers several blocks of gorgeous, creekside ambling streets and is surrounded by the pristine fairways of two esteemed local country clubs.

Yes, sometimes the area is referred to as ‘snooty!’ Patrick Mahomes, the famed, beloved KC Chiefs quarterback, lives right across State Line (really a road that bisects Missouri from Kansas) on the Missouri side.


So, last week as I rode around on a warm, early fall day, I stopped for a sip of water by this fountain. Mission Hills and Kansas City in general, is studded with fountains like this one — each with a plaque indicating the name. Another little known KC fact. The city is said to be blessed with more fountains than even Rome, Italy. Often KC is referred to as City of Fountains for this reason.

Anyway, as I sipped, I noticed the plaque for this statue named Nymph. Below the name it said, “The nymph is full of wonder and ecstasy at her own beauty.”

You guys. I nearly teared up! Then I started smiling. Yes, wonder and ecstasy! Urban planners way back in the 1920s when these neighborhoods were developed,  knew how special women are.  I got a surge of pride for the city I call home at the moment.


Sometime this weekend, today, every day, please stop to consider in ecstasy and wonder your own beauty as a woman. For all you do. For all you touch, help, support, love. It’s truly amazing the softness and beauty women freely give to the world.

Celebrate that and yourselves this weekend, loves.