“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”  Coco Chanel.

I feel that. Ever gotten a haircut that put the pizazz back into your step and reinstalled your sexy?

I did, last week. Finally.

For months, I’d been nursing along a hair grow-out that really wasn’t serving me.


Long hair has never looked great on me. When I was married, I cut my hair into an inch-long gender neutral crop. I LOVED it. My hubs hated it.

He’d bring home magazines with sultry, pouting models on the front, plop them down on the kitchen table, pleading with me to mimic their Cher-like looks.

By the time we got divorced a few years later, my locks had settled into an at-the-shoulder bob which I’ve kept in one or more iterations all these years later.

Every once in awhile, I’ve given the long, flowing look a try, but it never works. Though long hair makes me feel sexy sometimes, it doesn’t particularly look any sexier. It’s just longer. And bushier. Meh.

Last week when I got the chop, it felt like she’d taken ten years off my face and my psyche.

No wonder Gabrielle Coco Chanel uttered her famous words. It’s true. I’m a girl about to change my life. A snazzy new hair cut was just the ticket.


I can’t even believe all the compliments I’m getting. Men stopping in the street – no kidding! One even paused in Whole Foods and said, “you look great today!” I have no idea who he was.

If you’ve been waiting to get the snip, I say, go for it!