Hiya, girls!

You know how sometimes you have that most glorious, sexy feeling when you’re actually not all dolled up.

Me too. One day while I was in Mexico, a thunderstorm rained down on late afternoon beach time and like everyone else, I scampered inside. The resort people wouldn’t let us hang out in the pool, around it, or even in the ocean with bolts of lightening flashing.

We all decamped inside, looking like wet rats.

Personally, I love that end of beach day, sand-gritty vibe. Especially with a sheen of rain adding a glistening glow!

Isn’t there something empowering about it?

I think so. What’s your happy place? Where you feel absolutely radiant no matter what you’re wearing. Or, what you’re not!

Winks, girls. Do something sexy this weekend.