For a lot of us, these saucy little mannequins are what we’ve been told sexy looks like.

Tarted up, raunchy. To be kept inside, behind closed doors, only.

For special occasions.


Then, there’s the whole labyrinth of the patriarchal rule system.  Wear pantsuits for business. If you wear a dress, it shouldn’t be too short. Don’t show cleavage at work.

Too much makeup looks slutty. No makeup is RBF. (Resting Bitch Face).


No wonder it’s confusing to be ‘sexy’ as a woman. Even when you’re not being sexy, you’re being judged! We’ve been told,  be sexy here but not there. A little sexy is OK, but not too much. Be too overt, outrageous or self-possessed, and the other women won’t like you.


So how can you be sexy and feel safe outside your own boudoir?

Fortunately, there’s degrees of sexy! Those vampy girls in red are at the top of a sizzling scale of one to ten.

What about a softer version, like wearing fishnets with a sheath dress? You can buy subtle nude-toned ones, for just a touch of sexy. Or, ropes of pearls, rather than just a sedate strand. There’s so many options and variations. 



YOU get to decide. Find your way to be safely sexy and keep that part of yourself alive. It’s your authentic power and don’t let anyone tell you it’s bad. Ever.



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