Yesterday, I’ll admit, I wasn’t feeling amazing. You feel me?

Sometimes, we just don’t.

I wanted to. I seriously wanted to. 


So, I did what I do when I can’t budge from the sludge. My reliable favorite, I dug into my closet. I’ve been feeling like it’s needed a summer edit.

I know. I’m always editing my closet and there’s not even that much stuff in there.

It felt like it needed a pop of energy.

I tentatively tried on a pair of jeans, a top, some shoes I hadn’t worn for awhile.


It worked! Before long, I was putting together new summer outfits with old stuff and made two piles of other stuff for giveaway or consignment.

Later, I went to a Green Compass hemp wellness event with about sixty other people, wearing a new outfit concocted from stuff that had been collecting dust, hanging there, lonely in the closet. I got a few compliments. I felt revived, renewed.



When I got home, I looked through the fun pictures we took in front of the Be Amazing photo shoot station. And, I thought, wow. Women really are amazing.

You are amazing. If no one tells you that today, tell yourself. You are amazing!