Girls! Loves. I’ve been in California over a week. GAWD how I love this place!

The palm trees, how their fronds clatter against each other in the wind. The pure energy of boom, boom hip-hop bouncing from the open car window next to you at a stop light as you glance at the sea-capped waves, sniff the salty, marine air. The way the soft, ocean breeze floats over your bare skin.

The 24/7 combustion from millions of people, the spicy soup of nationalities, lush exotic plants and the blanket of abundant nature spilling over every single pink stucco wall. Sheer heaven.

My second night here, I looked down in a parking lot and saw a wad of cash. I glanced around. No one. There it was, mine for the taking. I picked up the bills, tucked them into the Vuitton and said, “thank you god, more please!”



All week long, I’ve been getting similar abundant signs.

Like, go ahead. Enjoy yourself. There’s enough. All you want can be yours!

California does that to a girl. Makes you feel like, yes, in this big, bold expanse of ridiculous beauty, anything is possible.

Men have been smiling at me. One came up to me in Panera. A kindly older gentleman. He said, “you are very lovely.”

I actually got to coach a celebrity after meeting her at an art pop-up in Hollywood! Me, a modest Midwesterner, telling a star how to up her wattage even more. Only in California.



A year ago, when I was here for several weeks, I had boudoir photos taken. As I galavanted around a parking lot in the outfit you see in this image, a carful of twenty- somethings drove by. When they saw me, they slowed down and one guy called from the window, “hey can I have your number!”

California always reminds me, girls just want to have fun. To relax, to be girly, maybe even raunchy. To take chances. To enjoy stuff to the max. To ring every ounce of goodness out of the moment we can. And then some.

I’m going to stay here a little longer. Like maybe forever. Having fun. Hope you have something fun planned this week. Just because.