Today, I wore a St. John Knit dress to Walmart!

After yet another morning of sliding into Lululemon’s to dart over to Panera for coffee, my body said,

“Sorry, we simply can’t take another day of those tired, two-year-old yoga pants. Wear something else. It’s not that much harder!”



I looked in the closet and noticed my St. J black sheath dress with the sparkly threads. Hanging there, forlorn. Unworn for over a year.

I slipped it on and, truth, it wasn’t any harder to put on than the yoga pants!

Not only that, it felt great. The way it hugged my curves. Gave me an immediate elegance and aplomb.   

For good measure, I put on some heels. After sitting there collecting dust all bitter winter, those faux snakeskin Manolo’s practically jumped off the shelf.


In Walmart, people wearing cargo shorts, camouflage pants and lumpy T-shirts stared, like what’s wrong with her?

One woman came up behind me and tapped my shoulder, “where you a model, dear?”

I nodded yes, even though the only time I ever modeled was for Macy’s, once, when I was on vacation with my ex-husband in Barbados.

The woman giggled and said, “I knew it, I just knew it!”



I left the dress on when I got home, just to work at the computer.

Later, when I hung it up to change for the gym, I patted it fondly.

“We’ll get together again,” I told it.


Spring is in full bloom, it’s OK to step out a little, add a touch of glam. A sheen of sparkle to match the gorgeous flowers and green trees. It sure added a pop to my day. Why not give it a try!