I’m tired.

I haven’t had a massage since sometime last summer. And even then, it was one of those Thai places in a strip mall where you kinda feel beat up after you leave. My last therapeutic massage with hot stones, reiki and real spa music was in Mexico last March.

I know. I know. I’ve been lecturing you to have fun, practice self-care, stop overworking, overdoing, while here I’ve been, behind the scenes, grunting it out.


 This is why women absolutely have to get out of our brains and tap into our bodies! We have to make time to have some fun and play, dance and frolic, just like I was in this playful picture. And I was the better for it. Duly noted.



This is not a pity plea. It’s a cautionary tale! Look at what happens when we don’t stop the hamster wheel and have some fun! Or take it down just a teensy notch.

I know what to do. I need to Just Do It!