Hi, I’m Leslie!

Some of you have been around awhile. And, I love you so much. Thank you for reading me!

Others of you are new friends.

So I’m taking a moment to introduce myself, just in case you think I’m some girl who likes to shop, go to spin class and pole dance.


So. Hi! Hello! How do you do?

I’m Leslie, born in Kansas City, Missouri, living here now, although I spent fifteen years in the true love of my life, Southern California. I’ve also lived in Space City — Houston, and Chicago, the City of Big Shoulders.

For a few years (25 or so….) I had a stuffy, conservative, lucrative career in financial services.

I was good at it, and it was good to me. I worked with a lot of men and sort of, without my realizing it, had become ‘one of the guys.’

Until, one afternoon, when I found the second love of my life, pole dancing, at a SoCal pole studio.

Who’d have thought? A buttoned-up Midwesterner in finance, grabbing a fistful of steel and taking a twirl into a completely different life.



Well, not that day. It took ten more years. Of dance classes, feminine workshops, retreats and seminars. Working with feminine coaches and studying at the feet of renowned, female thought leaders. I went all in, because as I steeped myself in the feminine, I no longer felt like one of the guys.

I was alive, vibrant, dang, even sexy! I was renewed to myself. As a woman.

My experience was so transforming, once my corporate career was complete, I deeply desired to share what I’d learned with other women.

I coached up, built a website and launched a feminine coaching company called Majestic Feminine.

One-on-one coaching was gratifying and powerful. However, I quickly learned I’d never be able to reach all the women I’d hoped.



After many months of trying various approaches, I closed up shop, moved from SoCal to KC after 25 years away (gasp), and rooted myself in the earthy, creative, fertile soil of the Midwest to think.

Like Mel Gibson, I asked myself, what do women want, and what do I really want to do?

I’d walk around my neighborhood and everywhere, I’d see pens. On the ground, on the sidewalk, in parking spaces. Everywhere. Eventually, I got the message. WRITE! Oh, duh!

Writing was my original love, b4 Cali, b4 the pole. Write.

So I did.



Last fall, I published this blog, to share lessons I’ve learned and words of encouragement about living authentically as a woman.

About not being afraid to let your female flag fly! To not mute being a woman. Even in our world, where it’s not always easy.

I’m pleased to announce, I’m also currently writing a book about how you can apply the Ten Pole Pillars I learned in dance class to your professional and personal life for more impact and waaaaay more fun.

It’s called, Corporate Girl Takes a Twirl, one woman’s reclamation on a stripper pole and how you can apply pole dancing wisdom to your professional life.

In the meantime, you can find me here. Thanks again for stopping by!