I couldn’t help it.

I bought this top Saturday. I’d been watching it in the shop window all week.

Every time I thought about going in to try it on, my rational brain tsk-tsked.

You don’t need that! What about our budget!!

Sometimes you just have to step out…

Of the sweaty Spin class clothes…the dreadful, boring puffer coat, the sensible shoes

And just go for it.

Your desires matter.

I once had this coach who called herself the ‘Spiritual Seductress’ (please don’t ask me how much I spent on that contract).

And, she was always saying, wide-eyed and enthusiastic on our zoom meetings – you’re desires matter! Don’t you know that?

I’d nod, thinking, this really is a load of bunk to get me to spend more money. Which, I needed no encouragement to do.



Then, on Saturday, after I walked to the shop, bought the top, carted it home and tried it on, her words came back as my face broke out into a huge smile, admiring the top in the mirror.

Your desires matter!

Okay, okay. Yes.

Our desires – your desires do matter. Especially, if like me, you’ve been hyper-focused on duty, production, accomplishments for the last several days, months… you know what I mean.



I was getting really dull, really fast. I desperately needed a sparkle, something to up my dim wattage.

Just wrapping my body in that see-through, femme top reminded me, oh yeah, you are a sexy being, even if you’ve got a bit of muffin top over your Levi’s and you’re kinda stinky from Spin.

The top allowed me to fantasize a bit, get excited about something, renew my sparkle. It lit me up, for just that moment I swanned around the house swaddled in its exquisite, sheer nothingness.

All that for $49.99!

So what if it’s not ‘practical’ which, clearly, it’s not! I mean, fifty bucks is a tank of gas — if you live in the Midwest.

Eh. I don’t care.

I so love this top.

What are your desires? They matter!