I’ve been trying to write this post as a LinkedIn article for weeks. It always comes out so ‘corporate.’ Even the tagline sounds like marketing jargon or refined corporate-speak — Pleasure is the New Power!

What I mean to say is, how can we turn up our fun meter by popping something fun into our wardrobe on our work weary bodies!



Yesterday, I walked by this cute little store on a break. One of those shops with stuff you really don’t need. Sequined platform sandals, see-through tops. Super fun girlie trinkets.. In the window was this fluffy, sheer, bright blue number with big, girly ruffles. I thought I should just buy that and sit around wearing it. That could be fun. Then my fiscal brain tsk-tsked – you don’t need that! Remember your budget!!!



What I learned in pole class is pleasure and play are all about turning off the brain, the competent, capable part of myself so I can tap into the wisdom of the body.

As my Spin instructor says, “let your body solve the problem.”

It’s so easy for me to make excuses here in the Midwest. I can wait to get a pedicure, it’s not warm enough to wear sandals, anyway. It’s still too cold. I can’t wear cute spring outfits under a parka.

What stuff do you tell yourself to keep from looking fresh and fun?



Pleasure comes in moments of pause, moments of connection, and layering something in that brings joy, jubilation and deploys the body, and makes you feel powerful and grand. Just like this frilly blue top in the window!