Sometimes, when your feminine is on fumes, like mine has been lately, you just have to go looking for a whiff of it from some other goddess.

Every morning, I go to Panera for coffee, or just about every day, and I’m welcomed by an army of smiling faces.

You might not think the early morning shift at Panera Bread would be a hot box of femininity, except, you’d be wrong.

Enter Asia! Each morning, there she is, big smile, wearing her rhinestone-spangled smart watch, earrings, hair done. One day, she walks by and as she passes, I smell the trail of her amazing scent. Her fragrance.

Next time I see her, I say, “Asia, wow, girl, you smell great!”

Her eyes get big and she goes, “well, yeah girl, I wear perfume!”

Asia takes two buses to work and has a couple other jobs. And still, she dashes on perfume. Delicious, fragrant perfume, to work at Panera.

I have to admit, she inspired me to up my game. My perfume bottles have been sitting, untouched for months in a cabinet. After Asia, I got them out the other day, dusted them off and spritzed some on.

Thanks girl for representing, and giving us all a little inspired femme.