Friday night, I was sitting around a gal pal’s kitchen with some other ladies. As convo’s between a bunch of women often do, talk turned to hair. 

As in – what kinda stuff do you use in your hair, how often do you wash, etc. 

For women, care and maintenance of our hair is top priority in looking and feeling good!  

I don’t know about you, but when my hair is looking great, I’m feeling all that.



Last summer, a company called Boldify ( hit me up on Instagram to try their products. They even sent me some samples for free! 

Right away, I loved that the products are designed and made — in the USA, to deliver stronger, thicker hair and body and volume. Does anyone not want all these things?



My favorite product is the Hair Boost Serum (pictured). My hair is easier to blow dry and doesn’t end up looking flat like with a lot of serums.

Boldify products are also a life-saver if you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss because the formulas are made to encourage hair growth.

Although I’d never had issues with hair loss before, I sure did when I moved across country to my hometown after 25 years away! At that time, I started noticing thin patches up near my hairline.

Boldify to the rescue!

This winter, my stylist in Cali commented I had a lot of new growth — right where I’d noticed the thinning. So, I’m giving Boldify the credit. 


Thinning hair or outright hair loss can be such a bummer! That’s why I wanted to share this with you.

Curious? To check it out, here’s my shop link