Can your style influence your paycheck? Is it possible to be promoted based upon your image? And, if so, isn’t that somehow wrong?

Loves. We live in a visual world! People make assessments and size each other up in nanoseconds now, thanks to social media.

It’s a fact of life. But, it’s really no different than it’s ever been. It’s just amplified. For most of us, our visual appearance is supremely important in getting where we want to be. This does not mean we must be classically beautiful or perfect.

It does, however mean it’s to our advantage to make the most of things we can control and our image is definitely part of that picture.


I enjoyed a twenty-five year corporate career in financial services. I served in a high-level sales position, calling on C-suite business officers and top-producing senior salespeople in other firms.

Like it or not, my business acumen was frequently assessed based upon how I looked when I showed up. People equate attention to detail with your shoes being up to date, or polished. Or, whether or not you can match your outfit, handbags and footwear.

People notice your style, or, the lack of it! Not always, but usually. Your clothing doesn’t necessarily need to be uber expensive, however a polished look is always a career enhancer. 

My profession was ultra conservative. In the early days of my career, I relied up on staid basics in black and navy, even though they were drab. My professional persona had very little personality. Certainly, I looked competent, just not very exciting!



As I grew into my career and frankly, as I aged, I began to feel a broader sartorial range was indeed possible. I wanted to have more fun with my workday look. I also felt  I didn’t have to let my wardrobe do so much of the heavy lifting to convey my competency.

I began choosing more stylish pieces to layer in with my basics. Maybe a colorful pump or handbag, or an unusual scarf or peice of jewelry.

Eventually, I ditched the suits altogether in favor of more inspired combinations of suiting separates. This is when I discovered I needed some help putting things together. So, I hired stylists to help me select the best colors and shapes for my body.


Here’s the big surprise. I actually started making more money! Yes! It’s true. I began to attract bigger clients,  increased sales and much more attention at professional conferences. One year, I literally earned over six figures more in commissions than I had the previous year!

Clients often commented on an outfit, a handbag or a combination I’d put together. Turns out, they loved the creativity. Once of my managers often commented, “I can always count on you to look great!”

Not only that, I was memorable. I stood out from the other salespeople.

So, I loved feeling more inspired and my clients responded favorably as well. Most importantly, my bank account reflected my style upgrade.

It was clear to me every penny I spent with styling experts had enhanced my bottom line.


Maybe you’re not in the corporate realm. So does image really matter that much? Absolutely. As an entrepreneur, your style reflects your business and it’s level of success. You are your brand, after all, as an entrepreneur. 


So, how you convey your unique style will speak volumes about your business. It’s a very distinct and important way you can set yourself apart from all the other business owners out there.

Think about who you do business with on the regular.

Are they put together, polished and professional? Or does something about their visual image give you pause? 

These are all things going on in the minds of clients as you promote your skills, services or success. 



Want to attract more attention, income or clients? 


Consider a style update, refresh or complete overhaul.


You’ll be surprised how much your efforts will pay off. In the boardroom, in your business and even at home.


Often, my clients tell me how much more responsive their partners are when they begin making a fresh effort with their style. It’s inspirational and impacts many more areas of their lives than they ever anticipated.


A client’s husband recently said, “I see the joy it brings her and I love witnessing that!”


Honestly, a comment like that makes my entire job so meaningful.



If you feel ready for a style refresh, upgrade or complete overhaul, but don’t know how or where to start, it’s probably a great time to reach out for some help. I’m here for you and your personal and financial success! Contact me at: