I grew up in Missouri. The ‘Show-Me’ state. 

Although, we weren’t allowed to show much of ourselves as girls. In my twenties, about the sexiest thing I ever wore was a pair of black wool walking shorts with tights in winter.

Mostly, women wore baggy pants or jeans underneath boxy, wool coats. Even in the midst of the outrageous 80’s. The outrage hadn’t quite yet made its way out of Studio 54 and over into the Midwest. 

In the summers, I went braless occasionally if I wore a sundress but even that was modest. 



One summer at a lake, some guy approached me — accompanied by a very muscled woman, and they enthusiastically suggested I could be a great body builder! I lit a cigarette and shoed them away. I literally had no connection to my body.  It never occurred to me to covet or nurture my absolutely gorgeous frame. 



It’s not just me. I’ve met plenty of women all over the country who suffer under distorted body image issues.

It’s a shame. 

Women are not taught — for the most part, to glorify our bodies. It’s an outright crime when you consider how incredibly gorgeous we are. Every last one of us. The curves, the flow, the musculature. It’s breathtaking. And yet. We despair. We hide, we blanket ourselves. We use clothing as coverage, hiding our trouble spots, because we don’t have the skills to feature the beauty instead.



That’s why I feel so passionate about helping women shine by wearing beautiful, flattering clothing.Helping them feel more put together and confident. 

\What would you like to uncover, discover and embellish? May I encourage you to just do it. Go for it. Show off. Love on your bodacious body like never before. Wear something that’s different for you. A brighter color. A poppy shade of lipstick. Dispense with some old garment in your closet that’s holding you back or making you feel unhappy or frustrated every time you look at it. 


Show off! Sparkle. Don’t let anyone dull your shine!