My grandmother, Jeannette Cole lived to 96. In the sixties, when I was a little girl., she’d get down there on the floor and exercise while watching Jack LaLanne on TV. LaLanne was a muscled nutrition and exercise guru, decades before Arnold came along.  

Jeannette wasn’t a pin-up girl however, she kept her figure until the very last. When we cleaned out her home, I found a pair of unopened Hanes Sheer Energy in her bureau, tucked amidst her beautiful, lacy lingerie. Outwardly, my grandmother was modest, except she stood ram rod straight, never hunched and always wore clothing that highlighted her small waist.



One thing my grandmother always said at the end of our phone conversations was, honey, take care of your bod! There I’d be, traveling around the country for my corporate job and I’d call her from the road. Always, she’d end the call the same. Hon, take care of your bod. 

Her words puzzled me. This was before I became a pole dance fitness enthusiast. I thought I was taking fine care of my frame, even though I paid very little attention to it, except to hang black suits on it for work!

In my first few dance classes, I didn’t understand all the focus on the body.

 Eventually, I began to understand that as modern women, we spend hours in our brains. For most of us — with the exception of our yoga or cross-fit practice, we live in our brains. It can take a toll on our fluidity and our femininity.   

Movement and refreshing your personal style are two ways you can recapture your you. To reclaim yourself as a powerful and playful woman. 



So go celebrate yourself. Clear out the old stuff from your closet. The clothing that represents the old you. The garments in past sizes that very possibly holds you back and makes you feel bad about yourself. Let it go.

Honor your body by clothing her in gorgeous fabrics and colors. In styles that suit you and turn heads! 

Go try on some frivolous clothes, wear high heels around the house. Get a massage. Whatever gets you out of your brain for a minute and reminds you of your inner power and confidence. Looking and feeling more fresh every day is a perfect way to honor what my grandmother suggested. 

Hon, take care of your bod.